Wilkinson Pantera (2024)

1. Panteras By Wilkinson

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  • Panteras by Wilkinson is the only US importer of Pantera and DeTomaso parts. Complete on-line catalog and shopping cart.

2. panterapartsusa

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  • Panteras by Wilkinson is a full service Pantera shop and houses the worlds largest inventory of original and remanufactured Detomaso parts. Owner Steve Wilkinson’s 40 plus years of experience in the Pantera business has made him a formidable expert in this field. Over the years Steve worked closely with the factory, as the U.S importer, to insure parts were available for the Pantera community. Ultimately, when the factory closed their doors, Steve acquired the remaining inventory warehoused at the factory in Modena, Italy and brought it to the U.S. All remanufactured parts are engineered from the original specs of Detomaso.  If you have any questions about specific parts for your specific car, just call (562) 634-3434 for expert advice. Panteras by Wilkinson is located at 16237 Illinois Ave Paramount, CA 90723 562 634-3434 562 634-7734 Fax  

3. Wilkinson | The De Tomaso Forums

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  • I called Wilkinson Pantera today .. no answer and the mailbox is full. I want to order something but wanted to check to be sure he had it in stock. What's the experience with him? I've ordered stuff in the past several years ago with no problem .. maybe he's on vacation or something. Anyone .. anyone .. Bueller .. Bueller?

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5. De Tomaso and Pantera Diecast and Resin Scale Models

  • Welcome to our collection of De Tomaso Diecast and Resin Scale Models. The selection may include Vallelunga, Mangusta, Pantera, Deauville, Longchamp , Guarà ...

  • De Tomaso and Pantera Diecast and Resin Scale Models

6. Pantera Vendors

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7. Pantera Parts Connection | Carson City Nevada

8. WilkinsonPanteras on BaT - Bring a Trailer

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  • Bring a Trailer Auctions is the best place to buy and sell vintage and classic vehicles - Porsche, BMW, Land Rover, and more.

9. Pantera Print | eAutomobilia the online division of Wilkinson's Automobilia

  • Pantera Print. Pantera Print. Part Number. 04WAPPANTERA. Availability. 1. Date added. Price. $49.95 CAD. Add to my wishlist.

10. Selecting Tires - The Pantera Place

  • Because I wanted 16" front wheels this eliminated the Panteras by Wilkinson wheels. I decided that I would use the Pantera East Campagnolo Campy like wheels.

  • Selecting tires for the Pantera can be a difficult task.  The original stock 7" and 8" wide Campagnolo wheel combination has a very limited tire selection.   If 8" and 10" wide Campagnolo wheels are used the most widely used tires are the BF Goodrich Euro T/A 225/50HR15 or 245/50HR15 and the 305/50HR15.  These tires are only H rated to 130 MPH.  The Euro T/A 225/50HR15 and the 305/50HR15 are usually not in stock at most tire stores and sometimes take weeks to locate.   Much has been published about the Euro T/A 225/50HR15 and the 305/50HR15 so there is no need to go into more detail.   I think most everyone likes the look of the stock 8" and 10" wide Campagnolo wheels and it is too bad that good Z rated tires are not available for them.   

11. PI MotorSPORTS New Pantera Products

  • Owned and operated by Pantera owners with over 75 years of combined experience and knowledge. A Pantera Theme Park! Serving the DeTomaso Enthusiast since ...

  • Serving the DeTomaso Enthusiast since 1996 Owned and operated by Pantera owners with over 75 years of combined experience and knowledge.

12. SCPOCA Club Sponsors

  • Wilkinson Pantera - Steve & Sandy do a great job supplying Detomaso parts (562) 634-3434 www.panterasbywilkinson.com. © 2016 - 2022 Space City Panteras.

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14. Pantera Official Store

  • Shop exclusive merch and apparel from the Official Pantera Store. Hoodies, tees, accessories, and more.

  • Order official Pantera merchandise now!

Wilkinson Pantera (2024)


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