The GOAT Episode 3 Recap: The Sh*t Didn’t Work (2024)

Episode 2 ofThe GOATshowed the players and viewers that anything can happen when $200K is on the line. If you thought Tayshia’s blindside was something, just wait until you finish this episode. There’s yelling, fighting, tears — oh, and another move somebody didn’t see coming. Here’s everything that went down on The GOAT Episode 3: Casualty of War.

Who is The GOAT in Episode 3?

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To win this week’s challenge, the players had to put on the best performance at the cast’s UNTALENT show. Contestants performed acts like juggling, limbo, breakdancing, and an ’80s aerobic teacher. Each cast member had a score of 1-11. Their job was to score their cast members’ performance, but the catch is… you can only use a number once. So, if you give somebody a perfect score of 11, you better mean it.

So, Joe fromThe Bachelorgoes first, giving us his best impression of a fitness instructor. However, because he was the first, he gotincredibly lowscores, like twos across the board, meaning he’s far from being in the running to win this challenge.

Next was Da’Vonne. She was supposed to juggle, but in her confessional, she told producersshe plannedto go and “create a moment.” She turned her juggling bit into an actual skit with a script and everything. Hell, she even invited Joe back on the stage to help add to the dramatics. But it all worked cause theBig Brotherplayer snagged a score of 87, placing her in the lead.

Others went and tried theirhardest, but after Day’s stellar performance, nobody seemed to compare. Reza was the final contestant, and his limbohad people laughing. When it was time to vote, peoplewere givinghim scores of 10s and 11s. But when it was Da’Vonne’s turn to score, she gave theShahs of Sunsetstar a measly two, which caused a lot of people to give her the side-eye. “There’s no doubt [that] Day is purposely giving out low numbers because she wants to be the GOAT. I get it,” Lauren said. “But I think she doesn’t care about anybody elseat this point.” Well. We’re playing a game, aren’t we?

So, with the highest score, Da’Vonne was named this episode’s GOAT and will be tasked with creating the teams for tonight’s elimination challenge. What could go wrong?

The elimination challenge details…

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Here’s the tea. The night before the elimination challenge, Da’Vonne and Justin from RuPaul’s Drag Race got into it. Justin called her out for playing a strategic game and said all she does is play politics from sun up to sun down. He accused her of not caring about the other players’ feelings and always treating everything as a game. “Be a human,” he said.

Da’Vonne said she was about to have a “panic attack” and later spoke with Reza, who tried to calm her down. After a few tears, breakdowns, and threats that shewas going toleave the house, everybody took a beat, and the show moved forward.

The next day, Da’Vonne chose the people she wanted to be on her team for the elimination challenge. In addition to Justin and Lauren, she chose Paola, CJ, and Jill. However, only Paola and Jill are in on the plan to THROW the day’s competition. Why? Da’Vonne wants to have the power to send Justin home. So, what did they do? They threw the competition, and everything seemed set for Justin’s backdoor until things went awry.

Who went home in The GOAT Episode 3?

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After the challenge, Da’Vonne told Wendell, Reza, and the Chef that she wanted Justin out of the house. Wendell tried to push back, asking Day to consider voting for Lauren instead. (The boys have theirownalliance going.) Da’Vonne, of course, wasn’t interested in hearing that and continued gunning for Justin, leaving Wendell, theSurvivorwinner, to take matters into his own hands.

He rallied the guys and one girl, CJ, and convinced them to vote out Lauren. And to Day’s surprise, they did.

When Lauren gave her goodbye speech, she told the players to watch their backs and to look out for Da’Vonne because she seemed to be the sneakiestoutof them all. “I voted Justin out,” Da’Vonne said.“Well, someone’s lying,” Lauren replied.“It’s CJ, baby,” Day said. Kristen also jumped in, saying,the rogue votes came from CJ and the rest of the men.

Kristenended up snappingat the guys, saying none of them were “trustworthy.” Later, Da’Vonne checked Justin, who was upset about her throwing the challenge. “This is a game,” she said. “Do you not realize you’re playing a game.”

Justin wasn’t feeling the vibes or move and said he was happy to go, and producers could bring Lauren back. “Justin, you’re in. We love you,” Kristen said. “Kristen, you don’t love anybody but the bottle,” he told her. “F*ck you,” Kristen replied. “You barely f*cking know me.”

Back in the house, the women were going off in the room about CJ crossing them. “What a bitch,” Kristen said. In her confessional, Da’Vonne told producers that she doesn’t trust anybody in the house and would try her hardest to win the GOAT title every chanceshe had. Oh, and for Wendell…she said she’s going to “murder” him.

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The GOAT Episode 3 Recap: The Sh*t Didn’t Work (2024)


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